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Radar For Golf

radar-for-golf-w100Radar is the future of Teaching, Training and Clubfitting. This book is a game-changer for PGA teaching professionals and every golfer who wants to learn the right way, faster and easier.

TEACHING: Radar gives us far better information than we can see with the naked eye or even with video. Radar looks at the club in motion and tracks the ball in flight. It gives us precise feedback for club path, face angle, launch angle, angle of attack, spin rates, ball speed, and club head speed. These are the physics that determine the direction, distance and shape of every shot.

Rather than focus on the swing, radar allows us to finally see and measure what’s really happening at impact. That means radar – for the first time – allows us to change impact directly.

And that changes everything.

Because impact is the moment of truth.

TRAINING: A revolutionary concept, explained in depth for the first time. Learn about performance training, periodicity, volume vs. intensity training, Calibration Effect, Stock Swings, and so much more!

CLUBFITTING: The old clubfitting model of going by swing speed is DEAD! The new model is called “Load and Release” and PGA Magazine Top 100 Leith Anderson is the country’s leading expert.

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