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Eric Jones named PGA Teacher of the Year

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nor Cal PGA Names Eric Jones the Teacher of the Year VACAVILLE, Calif. — The ...
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Radar is the next BIG THING

Radar training is being hailed as "the next big thing" in golf instruction. Golf Channel's Martin Hall and 2012 PGA ...
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Jones Wins World Long Drive Championship

On winning the 2012 World Long Drive Championship: Much More Than A Title After a long and grueling day in ...
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Golf Channel Takes Over Long Drive

Big news in the small world of long drive: the World Long Drive Championships are moving to Golf Channel (from ...
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The Power of Visualization

High Performance Golf 6: Visualization and the Benefit of Seeing Shots In Advance How, exactly, does visualization help with your ...
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How To Simplify Your Golf Game

High Performance Golf 2: How To Simplify Your Golf Game I'd like to dramatically simplify your golf game. I think ...
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Confidence: 4 Steps to Better Golf

Quote of the day: "I always like to see a person stand up to a golf ball as though he ...
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Consistency and the Pre-Shot Routine

The first key to playing consistent golf is developing a consistent approach to each shot, or pre-shot routine. You know ...
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Fitness Training for Golf

If you want to play golf a long time, avoid injury, and consistently play to your highest potential some sort ...
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STATS: Your Secret Scoring Weapon

Use Scorecard Stats To Set Your Priorities and Improve Faster One of the keys to playing your best golf more ...
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How to Stop Coming “Over-The-Top”

Performance Golf Training 5: Focus on Root Cause, not Symptoms Do You Make This Common Golf Mistake? If you are ...
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Ultimate Driver Clinic Highlights

Want to add 20 yards to your drives, hit more fairways, and improve your consistency? Then attend one of our ...
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